Make Your Own Dashi | Japanese Recipes - Mayuko’s Kitchen

Make Your Own Dashi


  • Water 1L
  • Katsuobushi 20g
    (Bonito flakes)
  • Conbu 10g


  1. Wipe conbu gently with a wet cloth. Careful not to wash off the white bits (shown), as it contains a lot of flavour.
  2. Put water in a bowl or pan, and place in the conbu. Leave for at least 30mins, or longer for more flavour.
  3. If you used a bowl, put the water and conbu in a pan. Place pan on the hob and set on a medium heat, taking out the conbu just before boiling.
  4. Allow the water to boil for 2 minutes and then take it off the heat.
  5. Put the Katsuo in the water and allow it to fall to the bottom of the pan.
  6. Once the katsuo is submerged pour into the cloth and sieve. Pick up the cloth as shown and hold (don’t squeeze) until all the water is drained.