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Earthquake Update

It took me a while to feel ready to write about this on my blog. I flew back to Japan soon after the two devastating earthquakes in April. It was very emotional for me to see the damage to the city. Especially when I stand in the evacuated area it feels so lifeless.

All my hope for Kumamoto is to get back to normal days.

One good thing which made me happy is I felt people in Kumamoto are moving forward and trying to remain positive.

When disaster happens, its all over the media and people talk about it. But once newscaster leaves, thats when the difficulties become greater.

I guess thinking what I can do today for Kumamoto is the first step to support!

Pray for Kumamoto

On April 14th, 2016 at 9:26 pm, a strong earthquake (Magnitude 6.5) struck my hometown of Kumamoto, Japan. Followed the next day by a second quake (Magnitude 7.3) at 1:25 am.

Aftershocks still continue to strike the area increasing people’s nerves and fatigue.

Luckily my family are safe but are currently living in the car along with many other people in the area. I really hope that the aftershocks stop shortly so that people can return to safety.

There are many charities working on the relief effort in Kumamoto at the moment to try and help the affected people. If you wish to donate to the relief effort I have attached some links below. Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated by everyone in Kumamoto at this time.

AAR Japan

Peace Winds Japan

All my thoughts are with the people in Kumamoto.


My Trip Home

I recently went on a short trip home to see my family. I have a lot of beautiful childhood memories in this place.

While I was out reminiscing I took some photos to show you. Rice fields everywhere, and the freshest air in Japan. This is my hometown, Kumamoto.

I love being home.